As seasoned media relations and communications professionals, our expertise spans the dynamic realms of high tech—including Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and Web 3.

Yet, it's our fervent passion for climate tech that truly defines us.

We understand that behind every groundbreaking climate tech innovation is a story waiting to be told.

Our mission? To amplify these stories. With deep industry insights and a knack for narrative development, we're not just pitching; we're engaging climate journalists with compelling tales of change and resilience.

Our commitment extends beyond mere advocacy; we're here to champion climate tech founders.

By skillfully weaving the fabric of your vision into narratives that resonate, we elevate your message, ensuring it reaches and inspires the right audiences. Our passion for the planet drives us, but it's our expertise in media relations that empowers us to make a tangible impact.

Data-Driven Public Relations

we focus on the problem -solution

We have the ability to use data analytics and metrics to track and prove the impact of our Public Relations efforts. We provide clear, measurable and tangible results. We partner with you to convey your BRAND, its STORY, and how your value proposition FITS in real-time media trends. Let us help you discover, define, and amplify how your solution applies to your target market & audience.

Diplomatiq has 25+ years of collective experience in the media industry.


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We are driven by the idea that the art of communication can propel ideas, people, and projects forward. We believe that Public Relations tactics will support entrepreneurs and companies alike define and amplify their objectives in order to thrive.

integrated Services

We offer integrated PR and Marketing services, showcasing our ability to align PR tactics with broader marketing strategies for a holistic approach to brand promotion.

Customized Service Packages

We provide tailor-made PR packages based on each project's unique needs and goals. We adapt to specific requirements.

transparency and accountability

We are committed to transparency, clear reporting, strategic counseling, and open communications throughout our partnership - enabling us to pivot and adapt so that we can demonstrate results and support your investment.




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